Make your own skateboard

The Youth After School Program is back underway!

To kick things off this semester, we will be offering a two-part workshop. In these first two classes, students will design and build their own skateboard deck from 7 layers of raw maple.

Class will be held on Saturday January 7th and Saturday January 14th. Both sessions begin at 9:30am and will last until 3:30pm. There will be an hour break for lunch, which you are expected to provide. Space for this class is limited to the materials ordered so please secure your space early.

This program will cost $60/day totaling $120 for the entire program and your very own handmade skateboard. Trucks and wheels will not be provided. Students are encouraged to attend both classes as it is necessary to complete this project.

Please email us if you plan on attending and would like to pay at the door, otherwise you may use the link below to pay in advance and secure your spot.

For any questions or to RSVP - email