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San Francisco Bay in the Past

Join us for a journey back in time when giant grizzlies roamed the bay shores dining on beached whales, tule elk herds grazed the bunchgrass hills, and millions of salmon filled the Bay. We'll explore the Bay Area as it might have been before 200 years ago and into deep time with a presentation of Laura Cunningham’s artwork and book.

A special treat for a few lucky individuals: Sail aboard Freda the morning before the program. Laura Cunningham will be our host, highlighting the amazing features of the Bay and what sailors and explorers encountered in centuries past.

Laura Cunningham is the author of A State of Change: Forgotten Landscapes of California (Heyday: 2010). She holds a Graduate Certificate in Natural Science Illustration,University of Califonia, Santa Cruz and a Bachelor of Science in Paleontology, University of California, Berkeley. She studies natural history, historical ecology and is an accomplished oil painter. Cunningham is California Director at the conservation non-profit Western Watersheds Project and co-founder of Basin and Range Watch.