Current projects at the Spaulding Marine Center

We are constantly finishing projects and taking on new ones. Take a look below at some of the current handicraft operations here at Spaulding or come by and check them out for yourself!

Freda is ready to sail!

If you don’t already know, now you know. We are in the finishing stages of our "Friends of Freda" program. "Friends of Freda" is a community sail program where we offer free outings on our historic 1885 gaff rigged sloop. If you are interested in sailing with us or joining our crew or helping us maintain this historic vessel email with the subject line "Friends of Freda".


This is Arete

Designed and built by Myron Spaulding, Arete is an old Greek word that translates to mean "Best". 

Commissioned by Bob Crowley, who was Myron Spaulding's life-long friend, her keel was laid in 1958, with a myriad of circumstances delaying her launching until 2005. Arete was designed as a bay and coastal racer/cruiser of her era. She is constructed of mahogany with white oak frames, and full length carvel fir planking. Her fastenings are silicon bronze and her ballast keel is lead. Arete is 28' in over all length. She is currently being prepared for relaunch below her construction molds above.