Spaulding continues to have a reputation for fine quality craftsmanship. With our newly refurbished crane we can haul vessels up to 12 tons and over 40 ft.

Services Offered

  • Master Woodworking
  • Fiberglass & Blister Repair
  • Two ABYC-Accredited Marine Electricians On-site
  • Equipment Installation
  • Plumbing
  • Marine Engineering
  • Expert Topside Painting

The Spaulding Bottom Job

  • Fast Turnaround
  • Includes haul, wash, set, scrubbing, paint, and launch. We apply TWO coats of Petit Trinidad Pro (or any other antifoul, by request), move your support pads to apply two coats under the pads, and allow adequate drying time, per the manufacturer's instructions. Finally, we hoist your boat in the slings and paint the bottom of your keel, again allowing adequate drying time before splashing your boat. Other yards rush this process so that pad points and keel bottoms get short shrift.

    20 feet to 25 feet (measured on deck), $1375

    26 feet to 30 feet, $1500

    31 feet to 35 feet, $1775

    36 feet to 38 feet, $2025

    38 feet to 40 feet, $2250

Bottom is presumed to be in good condition requiring standard preparation. Necessary additional prep is billed at $95 per hour.


  • If you'd like to reserve a time, request services or get a quote please call our Boatyard Manager at 415.332.3721