Spaulding Boatworks is a smaller yard, and can only haul six or eight boats at a time. For you, the boat owner, this means personalized service and attention to detail. Our talent runs deep: Our staff includes expert marine carpenters, ABYC-accredited marine electricians, and composite and systems experts, all stemming from a wealth of knowlege spanning sixty-eight years of operation. With our newly-refurbished crane we can haul vessels up to 12 tons and over 40 ft.

Services Offered

  • Master Woodworking
  • Fiberglass & Blister Repair
  • Propeller, shaft, and drive train work
  • Equipment Installation
  • Plumbing
  • Marine Engineering
  • Expert Topside Painting

The Spaulding Bottom Job

  • Fast Turnaround
  • Includes haul, wash, set, scrubbing, prep, paint, and launch. We apply TWO coats of Petit Trinidad Pro (or any other antifoul, by request), move your support pads to apply two coats under the pads, and allow adequate drying time, per the manufacturer's instructions. Finally, we hoist your boat in the slings and paint the bottom of your keel. Other yards rush this process so that pad points and keel bottoms get short shrift.

25 feet & under, $1600

26 feet, $1665

27 feet, $1745

28 feet, $1830

29 feet, $1915

30 feet, $2000

31 feet, $2085

32 feet, $2175

33 feet, $2260

34 feet, $2350

35 feet, $2445

36 feet, $2540

37 feet, $2635

38 feet, $2730

39 feet, $2825

40 feet, $2920

Each foot over 40 feet adds $75.

Bottom is presumed to be in good condition requiring standard preparation. Necessary additional prep is billed at $110 per hour.


Hi Clark,

My name is Tom Giammona and I was a very happy and grateful customer for the period of 2 weeks in May.  I am writing this note to let you know how pleased I am about the excellent workmanship, welcome advice and just overall satisfaction with the entire group at Spaulding Marine Center.

Chris Rust, your boatyard manager spoke in great length to me regarding repair work as well as a fantastic package price regarding a bottom job painting package. He was very easygoing and understanding regarding my apprehension and concerns.  My new Catalina 380 (yes, a fiberglass boat) as well as my newly sold Catalina 30 spent two weeks going through a Pre Purchase Survey with Bill Melbostad (also highly recommended) as well as numerous repairs and then  top notch bottom jobs.  My hat goes off to Chris G, Bryce, David and Alana for all their help during the process. It was fun to watch people who enjoyed their jobs.

I have been to many boatyards in the Bay Area as well as around the world in my 30+ years of serious sailing and this old school boatyard kept me stress free, and reminded me again that yes, even work in a boat yard can be enjoyable and a good part of the overall experience of owning a boat.

I must add that as a retired teacher, watching the boatyard crew interact with the groups of students and adults who toured the working museum was refreshing and rewarding for all those involved.  Your volunteer paint crew (special needs adults) worked hard and enjoyed the task at hand.  This organization truly encompassed the needs of the community and should be a role model for many other businesses.

Please feel free to share this thank you note with all those involved and please feel free to use me as a reference for anyone who has questions regarding your operations.

By the way, please tell everyone I said goodbye until the next haul out, we had to catch the outgoing tide!

Thanks again,

Tom Giammona


  • If you'd like to reserve a time, request services or get a quote please call Chris Guiao, Boatyard Manager, at 415.332.3721